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Here are our 10 most popular Chiefs stories this year

I went back and looked at our most popular stories throughout the year. Most of them came during last year's playoff run in January or sometime this month. Chiefs fans like playoff talk, apparently. Four of the top eight are from this month.

These posts got a lot of traffic for a bunch of different reasons. Sometimes it was search-related (google), sometimes it was social (Facebook) and other times it was great timing. Ultimately this blog is about having fun and informing readers so I hope our most popular stories reflect that.

Our biggest traffic days came the day after the Texans game, the first day of free agency, the first day of the draft and the day after the win over the Raiders (which was the biggest of the year).

Our most popular stories in 2016 ...

Mike Mayock's 2016 mock draft gives Chiefs their cornerback

Mayock had the Chiefs taking William Jackson III. I suppose I'm glad they went with that Chris Jones guy instead...

That time the refs warned Arrowhead for being too loud

This post is actually from 2014 but we re-surfaced it recently and it went wild thanks to our Facebook page, which is - humblebrag warning - bigger and better than any page not named the Chiefs. You young pups may not have known that there actually was a rule at one time about the crowd being too loud.

Quite the fight at Arrowhead

To be clear, I posted this video solely for the traffic. These videos make my stomach churn. Other media outlets were a lot worse, tweeting it repeatedly and one even hosted it on their video platform and sold ads against it (I'm getting a little in the internet weeds but that stuff makes us all look bad). I have to admit it, I did sell out for the clicks ...

AFC playoff bracket has Chiefs facing Texans, Broncos are No. 1 seed

This is from January of this year when the playoff brackets were coming out. This was our first look at last year's bracket. Everyone is returning this year except the Broncos and Bengals.

I love this Andy Reid and Jack Del Rio postgame handshake

This is from just a few weeks ago. Anyone who saw the handshake on TV thought there was something else going on there. Both coaches, however, said that wasn't the case. Further video from the handshake showed Del Rio saying he would see the Chiefs again in the playoffs, which still could be true.

Tracking the Chiefs undrafted free agent signings

Remember this? Always a big thing after the draft. This is popular because there's always the star player from a smaller school who doesn't get drafted and everyone from that school (and that player's high school, where he was undoubtedly the best) is searching for where that player is going.

Arrowhead started chanting Tyreek Hill’s name. He delivered in dramatic fashion

Tyreek's return. Thanks for the lift, national TV.

Here’s the fan getting tackled at the Broncos-Chiefs game

The broadcast started talking about this fan running on the field but they didn't show it. This is 2016 when someone is always filming so I quickly found the first video of the fan running on the field and got this up within a few minutes before anyone else. More videos followed.

Chiefs open as 'dogs vs. Patriots in Divisional round

Folks were so excited after the Chiefs beat the Texans in the Wild Card round last January. We could've put anything up and it would've been among our most trafficked post.

Chiefs 2016 preseason schedule now has dates and times

Really, people, preseason?

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