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Great analysis of why the Chiefs will be a tough out in the AFC playoffs

Earlier this week we shared the thoughts of former Patriots LB Jerod Mayo who said on TV in New England that the Chiefs defense and special teams makes them a threat ot the Patriots.

Another New England media outlet, WEEI, had Tim Hasselbeck on this week and he had one of the best explanations I’ve heard yet for why the Chiefs are a tough out.

“I just think that Kansas City, they’re unique enough, you know what I mean by that?” Hasselbeck said. “When you watch Kansas City, it’s not fun but it’s effective.”

Hasselbeck asked the WEEI hosts if they think the Patriots would rather play the Steelers or the Chiefs. Both hosts said the Chiefs.

Hasselbeck’s response:

“I think that’s generally the feeling between probably most people nationally is that that’s the case,” he said. “I have to say, I think new England knows what they’re getting in Pittsburgh. They know how they’re trying to get the football to Antonio Brown. They know what they’re dealing with in terms of dealing with the back.

“When you watch Kansas City, I don’t know if you stuck around to watch that game, but they have the ability to run — I’ll tell you what they did - they ran right at Von Miller and they didn’t block him. That’s what I mean about it being just unique enough.

“You know, outside linebackers in the NFL are paid to rush the quarterback. Defensive ends, they’re paid to rush the quarterback and sack him. They’re not paid and the NFL doesn’t draft guys that are great at slow playing the mesh point between the quarterback and the runner, you know what I mean?

“I think what they do is awkward and unique enough, if you don’t handle it appropriately, the next thing you know you’re in this ugly game with the Kansas City Chiefs who are good at running the football and they pick up a couple first downs because Alex Smith is more athletic than you realize.

“All of a sudden (Tom) Brady’s throwing against a team that has three very good pass rushers, they have a corner that’s a complete wild card and jumps and guesses on routes and had a bunch of interceptions this year. Then they have a safety who’s a very good safety, a very good playmaker in the back end. I think they’re dangerous enough that way that I think New England, knowing what they’re getting from Pittsburgh, handles business in Foxboro.”

Head to around the 7:30 mark here.

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