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Antonio Gates is uncomfortably close to Tony Gonzalez’s touchdown record

The Kansas City Chiefs will visit the San Diego Chargers this weekend and there’s a significant stat on the line. Chargers TE Antonio Gates, who is not the best tight end ever, is one touchdown behind Tony Gonzalez for most touchdowns by a tight end.

Gates is at 110 touchdowns; Tony G. ended his career at 111 touchdowns. So, yeah, the Chiefs can’t let Gates score a touchdown this weekend, let alone two. Eric Berry and the rest of the Chiefs have done a really good job against tight ends this year so I won’t be surprised if they shut him out.

This could be Gates’ final season as he talked about playing one more season at the end of last season. He’s not close to Tony G. in other categories:


TG: 1,325

Gates: 892


TG: 15,127

Gates: 11,137

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