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Chiefs’ Andy Reid wishes Raiders QB Derek Carr was healthy for the playoffs

While rivalries are fun for fans nobody wants to see injuries. We saw a big one this weekend that was, dare I say, heartbreaking despite the fact that it involved the Raiders. Derek Carr’s broken leg is just an absolute killer for a team that clinched it’s first playoff berth since 2002. It’s up there for most devastating injuries to a team given the context of the situation.

Carr said a few weeks ago that he would rather see Justin Houston playing than not playing as Houston returned from his ACL injury. Chiefs coach Andy Reid returned the courtesy this week when he said he would rather see these guys healthy and playing.

“Well, I got to know him over the Pro Bowl, and he’s a good kid,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs. “I’m all about everybody being healthy and let’s go have the best team win type thing. I don’t wish injuries on anybody. I’d rather have everybody out there, and let’s figure out who’s the best team that way. So, my heart goes out to him, but he’ll have a lot of good years ahead of him as he goes here.”

The most unfortunate of this for the Chiefs is that last line. Carr is only 25 years old and is going to be very good for the next decade (or more).

To go all Andy Reid on you, “what’s real” is that Carr is hurt and it’s a serious blow to the Raiders. Seeding is now very important. If the Chiefs are a Wild Card team, they could play either the Steelers or Texans. I’ll take the Texans, please. If they go on the road in the Divisional round, it could be to New England or Carr-less Oakland. I’ll take Oakland. Those are significant changes in the AFC field because of this injury.

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