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Four NFL teams started 3-0 but won’t be making the playoffs

Non-Chiefs note here that’s pretty interesting.

There are all those stats that show how often teams who start 3-0 or 4-0 or whatever end up making the playoffs. 75 percent of 3-0 teams make the playoffs, 83 percent of 4-0 teams do and 91 percent of 5-0 teams do.

Now check this list out:

Five teams started 3-0 this year; only the Patriots are going to the playoffs. That’s unusual. Carson Wentz passed the eye test for me but he’s a rookie and the Eagles weren’t that good yet. The Ravens had the NFL’s best defense but they got beat out by Pittsburgh and the AFC Wild Card situation is pretty intense if the 11-4 Chiefs could still end up as the final Wild Card. The Vikings 5-0 start looks legit. They beat the Packers, Panthers, Giants and Texans. Then a total collapse. That’s super disappointing in a year where you gave up a pick for Sam Bradford.

The Chiefs were the opposite of these teams. They started off slow going 2-2 before going on a winning streak of five games and then another of three games.

Anyway, I just found this stat interesting.

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