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Dontari Poe was working Andy Reid on the sidelines to get in the game

The fans were chanting “We want Poe” when the Chiefs got near the goal line. They weren’t the only ones who wanted Dontari Poe’s touchdown pass to happen. When Andy Reid made the playcall and Poe came running onto the field his teammates went wild. They were SO EXCITED to see him on the field for what was about to go down.

All that was about to go down was the greatest pass in NFL history. Hyperbole? I don’t think so. Poe’s jump pass to Demetrius Harris is a lethal connection - 1/1 for one touchdown.

Poe said after the game he was ready to perform when called upon. And he was asking to get in, too.

“I was thinking about it but like I said I was in coach Reid’s ear like a true offensive player would be,” Poe said, “egging it on and standing right behind him.”

The KC Star has video of this interview. I can’t stop laughing. This is so good.

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