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Not all Broncos had a problem with Dontari Poe’s TD pass

I imagine there are going to be plenty of people in Denver who don’t like Dontari Poe’s touchdown pass as much as they do in Kansas City. The Chiefs were up 17 points on the Broncos and late in the game on the goal line they called a play for Poe to take a direct snap and throw a touchdown pass to Demetrius Harris.

Many fans - Chiefs and Broncosn - this as bit of an F U to the Broncos. I thought it was great for a rivalry game. The Chiefs were already winning big and now having their 350-pound nose tackle throwing passes has to be embarrassing for the Broncos, especially because this loss was officially knocking them out of the playoffs.

Apparently not everyone was upset about the play. This picture comes via the KC Star’s David Eulitt after the game. They look OK to me.

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