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Broncos-Chiefs score: Travis Kelce explodes, new Tyreek Hill wrinkle in 33-10 win

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the hell out of the Denver Broncos, 33-10. The Chiefs let the Broncos hang around a little too long but this was a terrific game for the Chiefs. Tyreek Hill was a problem for Denver all game, Travis Kelce had the best game of his career and Alex Smith was running again. Along with winning the turnover battle, this is who the Chiefs need to be to make a playoff run.

Chiefs playoff picture

The Chiefs have clinched a playoff spot. They’re in but this is still a huge week. The Raiders are without Derek Carr and they play Denver next week. An Oakland loss and a Kansas City win means the Chiefs win the AFC West and get a first round bye. An Oakland win or a Kansas City loss means the Chiefs will be the five seed and go on the road the first weekend.

Travis Kelce’s career game

The NBC broadcast recalled a conversation they had earlier in the week with Alex Smith who said that he re-watched the Titans game and saw that Kelce was open again and again yet he only had one target. Alex told them he planned to make Kelce a priority again and that’s what he did.

11 catches for 160 yards and a touchdown.

My gosh, he was a monster.

The new Tyreek Hill wrinkle

Tyreek now has seven touchdowns in four primetime games. That’s pretty good. This game was different because he had more snaps as a running back than he ever has. His touchdown came on a handoff that went 70 yards. He had six carries for 95 yards in the game. Two of his six carries worked (70 and 28 yards) while he was stuffed on the others.

The greatest touchdown ever


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