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Broncos-Chiefs Christmas night score predictions

The Arrowhead Pride staff predicts the Christmas night Chiefs-Broncos game....

Broncos 13 Chiefs 16

Another weather game will keep the scoring down. The Chiefs won’t give up 368 yards passing again. -Joel Thorman

Broncos 13 Chiefs 6

For any casual NFL fan, it’s easy to quote the fact that Andy Reid has won 20 of his last 24 regular season games with the Chiefs as some sort of super dominance or, at the very least, a good reason to go with KC more often than not. But those who’ve watched this season up close know that another four or five of this year’s wins could have gone in another direction. The Chiefs have never been consistent. Hell this team has never put together four quarters of quality football. My money is on the division rival who’d love to make a statement after a turbulent week in Denver. -Matt Conner

Broncos 10 Chiefs 20

I never know what to expect from the Chiefs, but here's what I do know: on a day when the Chiefs were less healthy than they are now, at Denver, in which Phillip Gaines had literally the worst game of his career by a mile, the Chiefs were able to win (albeit barely). Terrance Mitchell has provided some stability opposite Marcus Peters, the offense is healthier (I know, I know), and the Chiefs are coming off a stumble while the Broncos are in free-fall, with their defense deciding to take its frustration out on the offense (which was just a matter of time, really). I think the Chiefs win this one in a manner that makes us feel only slightly better about the playoffs. -MNchiefsfan

Broncos 10 Chiefs 23

The Broncos are beginning to fall apart. Tensions between the offense and defense in the Broncos locker room last week will have a direct effect on the game. Trevor Siemian will feel pressured to try and do too much which will result in a costly interception or two (or three.) Andy Reid and co. continue to find a way to put some points on the board against a tough Broncos defense. Special teams will play a big role in this game. -Super_G

Broncos 13 Chiefs 27

The Titans game was the wake up call / let down game we always seem to get when the Chiefs start getting recognized as a contender. The Broncos are perfect targets for a response. Who would you rather see the KC team crush on Christmas? Talib, Ward, Miller and Elway are the Home Alone burglars this week, and I can't wait to see them flat on the Arrowhead turf. The Chiefs offense and pass rush get going again on Sunday, and AS11 will live up to his "Pro Bowl Alternate" status. Enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate, and if you don't celebrate any, celebrate a Chiefs win and playoff spot. -stagdsp

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