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Andy Reid says Jamaal Charles will be back “but it just won’t be right now”

Interesting comment from Andy Reid who was asked why the Chiefs brought Justin March back from IR and not Jamaal Charles.

“That’s just what we felt was best at this time,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs. “Jamaal is making progress but he’s not quite there yet. He’ll be back, but it just won’t be right now. He’s been working his tail off.”

That’s open to all kinds of interpretation. He’ll be back with the Chiefs? Be back in the NFL? I’m not sure that anyone knows that at this point.

Like most, I wouldn’t expect the Chiefs to carry his $7 million cap hit next year. Maybe they work something out so he can come back? Who knows? These all-time Chiefs are handled differently than your usual player (see Hali, Tamba).

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