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Broncos-Chiefs preview: The typical Trevor Siemian debate

Thanks to Tim over at SB Nation’s Broncos blog, Mile High Report, for answering my Broncos-Chiefs questions. You can see my answers to his questions here.

What's changed since we last met a month ago?

MHR: The Broncos offense has completely imploded since that exciting offensive shootout that ending with a Chiefs overtime win. For reasons unknown to anyone except the Broncos coaching staff, they have put games on the back of Trevor Siemian. With 91 passes in the last two games and over 600 yards passing, the Broncos have scored a grand total of 13 points. The run game has actually looked good early in these games, but Gary Kubiak has now twice completely abandoned the run game in favor of a heavy dink and dunk passing attack that has ended in three and out after three and out. Fortunately, the weather in this game may finally force these coaches to call a game plan that doesn't consist of a 5-1 pass/run ratio. Watch out Chiefs Kingdom!

Are the Broncos still vulnerable against the run?

MHR: This is something Broncos fans keep complaining about, but it has become a red herring in my opinion. Teams are wracking up yards, but not yards per carry. The team was giving up nearly 4.4 yards per carry a month ago, but that number has fallen to 4.1 on the season. The only problem they are still facing is with mobile quarterbacks and quick, speedy running backs. Last I checked, Alex Smith doesn't run quite nearly as much as he used too and the Chiefs running game has suffered a huge drop off in production.

What is a typical debate MHR has around Siemian?

MHR: It is typically a hardline stance. Either Trevor Siemian is God or Trevor Siemian is Trash. There is some in between, but those logical types are drown out in a sea of contempt. This is Broncos Country when it comes to quarterbacks, though. Just a new name to replace the same old behavior. There are now reports coming out all over the place this week (from the Broncos themselves maybe?) that Siemian is going to be the Broncos quarterback through 2017 and beyond. Then "Broncos insiders" come out and put those rumors to bed the next day with tweets like these. Frankly, it is starting to feel like Denver has already entered offseason spin mode.

What's it like thinking about trying to stop Tyreek Hill?

MHR: With some help. I think technique-wise, the Broncos should put Chris Harris Jr. on him. He is the slowest cornerback on the Broncos, but he has probably the quickest read and reaction time of any cornerback in the NFL, which makes him a good fit to stay on Hill on those short quick routes. Anything going deep, Harris would need some help over the top as there is no one fast enough on the Broncos defense to stick with Hill that long.

Score prediction?

MHR: Siemian is 1-4 in his last five starts and I kind of expect this team to lose the rest of the way out. The offense is regressing. Siemian on third downs has been mostly bad, but when he isn't mostly bad his receivers and tight ends are dropping critical third down passes or his offensive line is giving up critical third down sacks. Add in the fact that Arrowhead Stadium is a House of Horrors for the Broncos (3-13 all-time) and you have a perfect storm for a blowout loss.

The defense is beyond frustrated after turning in championship-like performances three weeks in a row and if the Chiefs get a lead early and the Broncos offense is rolling with their typical three and out game plan we could see this team implode.

So I'll give two predictions. The first has the Chiefs getting that early two-score lead and the Broncos imploding to a Chiefs 31-10 win. The other has Siemian shredding the Chiefs secondary again and the Chiefs have to fight hard for a 20-17 win.

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