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Chiefs’ Eric Berry helps deliver presents at Children’s Mercy

There’s this cool thing at Children’s Mercy called the Snowflake Shoppe where families at the hospital can select presents and then donations come in to cover it from the community and other partners and even pro athletes ... like Eric Berry.

Of course Berry was involved in this because he is the best.

Children’s Mercy reported this on their website about this year’s efforts:

Eric Berry, KC Chiefs star safety, five-time Pro Bowl honoree, and recent cancer survivor, delivered presents and spent time with patients. The Eric Berry Foundation teamed with Van Autoplex, country singer Travis Marvin and friends and family members to deliver 6,600 toys, 500 Gift Bags, $1250 in Gift Cards and a total of $23,000 in cash donations.

And this quote from Berry:

"I know what it feels like to be in a hospital on Christmas Eve, and to have to be in the waiting room and be in the chair, getting IV's and getting treatment - and it's not a fun feeling" Berry said during his visit to Children's Mercy. "Just to have one little spark of hope, or just that one little toy, or having someone that you care about in there with you... it makes all of the difference."

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