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Chiefs CB Terrance Mitchell has been on fire

OK, let’s stop feeling sorry for ourselves. The Chief lost to the Titans but I checked around the NFL and it turns out 10-4 is still a pretty good record. The Chiefs have two more regular season games with the next one a big one: Denver.

The Chiefs will host a Broncos team that lit up the Chiefs with 368 yards passing the last time they played. The Chiefs won but the big passing plays almost killed them. The culprit that night was Phillip Gaines, who has been hurt.

Terrance Mitchell has been Gaines’ replacement on the outside and ... well, take a look:

You’re a true Chiefs fan if you look at this and say, “Please don’t Marcus Cooper us.” I say that not to take a shot at Cooper (who appears to be doing well for himself in Arizona, good for him) but to recognize what any Chiefs fan is thinking when they see a corner rise out of nowhere to play really well. Cooper did the same thing for the Chiefs during their 9-0 start a few years ago and then it fell apart.

It’s worth pointing out that the weather has probably been a factor in the past couple of games that were freezing temperatures. The good news? That weather doesn’t tend to get any better the later in December and January we get.

The Chiefs, for as good as their defense has been, are very young at corner. Mitchell hasn’t played a ton but he has been in the league for four years so he’s not as green as some of these others. He comes off as very competitive on the field doing the same incomplete celebration that Sean Smith used to do.

Excuse Chiefs fans if they’re a little slow on the draw to call Mitchell the next great thing. I won’t deny that it would be awesome if this were real. Really, really awesome as corners are hard to find or they’re really expensive.

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