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Andy Reid, is the Chiefs offense too conservative in the second half?

The Kansas City Chiefs “conservative” second half offense was one of the top story lines after they started hot and let their opponent get back into the game. This time it caught up to the Chiefs as they lost to the Titans in a game they usually win.

About that second half offense ... was it conservative? Do the Chiefs need to be more aggressive there?

“I go through and look at all that,” Andy Reid said on Monday. “There’re situational plays and situations in games where there is a time and a place for everything. So, that’s how I go about it. I wouldn’t necessarily say that. When you don’t win the game, you’re definitely going to look at something like that.”

He’s right that we’re not talking about all these problems if the Chiefs punch it on third or fourth and one or if the Chiefs convert a first down on that final drive. But they didn’t win the game so we are talking about this. Unfortunately, there are no specifics from Reid on what’s gone wrong in the second half or even an admission that they’re doing something wrong.

“I expect us to go back and work hard, and get right back on it and fix the problems,” Reid said. “That’s what you do. You’re still sitting in a pretty good situation here. You’re sitting at 10-4, everything’s ahead of you and you have a great football team coming in that you have an opportunity to play. So, you get yourself right, and we go play.”

The Chiefs are a good team. Andy Reid is right. However, it’s a problem when you don’t score a second half touchdown for three straight games. Because we’re not just comparing the Chiefs to other good teams. They have Super Bowl aspirations and Super Bowl teams don’t have offenses that disappear for such a long stretch. That’s why the big picture here hurts more than the loss itself.

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