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Are the Chiefs not built to convert on third and short or does it just seem like that?

The Kansas City Chiefs had multiple third and fourth and short stuff against the Tennessee Titans this weekend. The drive that stands out came when the Titans stuffed the Chiefs on third and goal from the one and then fourth and goal from the one. The Chiefs ended up getting the ball back and kicking a field goal but that was the difference right there. If the Chiefs can convert that, they might win.

This got me thinking about those plays where the Chiefs only need to pick up one or two yards. It feels like they’re not very good at it. I went and looked at all the Chiefs plays this year when they had two or fewer yards to go.

First and two or less

Rush: 1/3

Pass: 0/1

Second and two or less

Rush: 5/11

Pass: 2/8

Third and two or less

Rush: 16/24

Pass: 6/15

Fourth and two or less

Rush: 2/5

Pass: 3/3

Total: 35/70. The Chiefs offense picks up at least two yards in 50 percent of those situations. I don’t have the numbers for the entire league but a spot check with the Broncos compared them favorably (Denver was 48/92) ... err, unfavorably.

Broken down:

Rush: 24/43

Pass: 12/27

It feels like the Chiefs offensive line is more about athleticism and not a line like the Raiders where they can say we’re bigger than you and we’re going to push you off the ball. We will criticize Andy Reid sometimes for getting cute on third and fourth and short plays but I can’t really blame him after the Chiefs got stuffed on two straight plays on the goal line.

It’s going to be tough to get those images of the Chiefs getting stuffed out of my head. I can see Andy Reid calling plenty of passes in those situations going forward.

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