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The Chiefs didn’t get Tyreek Hill involved in the Titans game enough, for some reason

The Kansas City Chiefs can not forget about Tyreek Hill. They simply can’t. And it appears they did in Sunday’s loss to the Tennessee Titans.

What else are we supposed to think happened there?

Tyreek touched the ball on the Chiefs second offensive play from scrimmage and zip! He went 68 yards for the touchdown in the blink of an eye. This was a good sign for the Chiefs because if Tyreek is playing well then they’re probably going to win, right? He even played more than 50 percent of the snaps, which is a lot for him.

That theory is a problem when Tyreek doesn’t touch the ball the rest of the game. He was targeted a few times in the passing game but somehow Tyreek didn’t have another offensive touch the rest of the way.

Bill Cowher on CBS said Tyreek needs to touch the ball at least once per drive. “The guy is amazing,” Cowher said during the game. The Chiefs went 10 consecutive drives without Tyreek touching the ball. Ten!

Tyreek has reached that level where this can’t happen, especially in a game where the Chiefs need a spark. We had periods of time like this at the very beginning with Jamaal Charles when Todd Haley wouldn’t play him enough. Jamaal was uber-productive on a per-snap basis - he just needed more touches. That’s exactly the situation with Tyreek right now.

It’s on Alex for not getting it to Tyreek or on Andy for not calling plays for him or whoever is responsible for making sure the fastest player in the NFL touches the ball once in a while. That was the biggest failure against the Titans.

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