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NFL playoff picture: Raiders, Chiefs schedules will come into play down the stretch

The 2017 NFL playoff picture continues to come into focus. The Kansas City Chiefs dropped a game against the Tennessee Titans but they still find themselves in the thick of the AFC playoff picture.

The Chiefs are almost assuredly going to make the playoffs but they haven’t clinched yet. They needed a win against the Titans or some help and they didn’t get it. The Chiefs will try again next week.

Their race for the AFC West title took a serious hit when they lost and the Raiders won. The Chiefs are now a game behind the Raiders. If they’re tied, the tie goes to the Chiefs so they still have a shot. The Raiders play the Colts and then at the Broncos while the Chiefs host the Broncos and then visit the Chargers. It could happen....

If the Chiefs don’t win the AFC West, they won’t have a first round bye. This means going on the road as a Wild Card team. It’s looking like that team would be Houston. The Chiefs lost to the Texans earlier this year but I would feel pretty confident about winning that game.

Find the NFC playoff picture here.

AFC playoff picture

1) Patriots (12-2)

2) Raiders (11-3)

3) Steelers (9-5)

4) Texans (8-6)

5) Chiefs (10-4)

6) Dolphins (9-5)

In the hunt

7) Ravens (8-6)

8) Titans (8-6)

9) Broncos (8-6)

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