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Chiefs hopes for top playoff seed take a hit with loss to Titans

The Kansas City Chiefs hurt themselves with a loss today. They fall to 10-4 on the season and a half game behind the Raiders in the AFC West. They’ll make the playoffs but they’re still hoping to get a first round bye too.

We don’t know yet the extent of the damage this loss has done to the Chiefs today. The Raiders play the Chargers and the Broncos play the Patriots later today. If the Raiders and Broncos both lose the Chiefs may not have lost much. They could remain in the No. 2 seed and still control their path to a first round bye.

However, if the Raiders win, the Chiefs will drop to the No. 5 seed. They will go from having a first round bye to traveling on the road in the first round of the playoffs. Sure, they could be going to Houston again where you’d feel pretty good about winning but the Chiefs Super Bowl hopes probably lie in having a home game in the divisional round (I say that as the Titans just walk out of Arrowhead with a win).

The Chiefs will be scoreboard watching today.

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