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Andy Reid says Chiefs didn’t think De’Anthony Thomas got in

A key play in the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Titans came when the Chiefs didn’t get the call on what appeared to be a De’Anthony Thomas touchdown.

DAT went around the right end on second and five. He was holding the ball in his right hand while his left foot went inside the pylon. I’m not sure that the ball crossed but it was close.

That set the Chiefs up for third and one which they didn’t get and then fourth and one which they didn’t get. Because of the result, not challenging DAT’s run as a touchdown stands out.

Andy Reid says they didn’t think it was a touchdown.

“The ball didn’t cross,” Reid said after the game. “That’s the way we saw it. Normally, what they would do is all it a touchdown and then review it. The guys upstairs told me that it didn’t cross and so that’s what I went with.”

Good point there that they often call those touchdowns because all scoring plays are automatically reviewed. That one was close enough and without a good enough angle that it may have been destined to stay with the original call.

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