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Andy Reid’s timeout actually helped the Titans ... “It backfired”

The Titans lined up for a game winning 53-yard field goal. Kicker Ryan Succop was familiar with the conditions because he had played in Kansas City as a 2009 draft pick. The play clock wound down and the Titans snapped the ball. Succop booted the ball in the single digit weather only to see it fall short. Game over. Chiefs win.


The Chiefs called a timeout a second before that first attempt at the game winner. The Titans would be given another shot at the game winner. Succop didn’t miss this time. He nailed it. Game over. Titans win.

“Listen, it didn’t work so I mean that one can go, I can do better on that,” Reid said. “It backfired so.”

This one hurts a lot because it felt like the Chiefs were trying to give this one away. They were so aggressive early on and took a lead but then as they usually do they just sat on it with nothing creative in the second half.

You give the Titans enough chances to win and eventually they’re going to take you up on that.

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