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Marcus Peters injured for the Chiefs, comes back in after a series

UPDATE: He’s back in! Whew...

Marcus Peters is down with an injury for the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s not clear exactly what’s wrong but trainers were tending to him on the field. The TV replays made it look like it was his right knee or groin area. CBS is reporting that Peters gave Andy Reid and other coaches a thumbs up.

This loss couldn’t be overstated if it’s an injury of any significance. Peters is up there among the most valuable and most irreplaceable Chiefs players. They are very young in the secondary and are already down Phillip Gaines who has been hurt on and off all season.

I’m feeling worse than I did with DJ. The Chiefs are hoping this isn’t anything serious. The Chiefs thrive off of turnovers and Peters is very good at creating them whether it’s his five picks this year or ripping the ball out of Kelvin Benjamin’s arms.

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