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NFL playoff scenarios: Chiefs can clinch in one of four ways

The Kansas City Chiefs can clinch a playoff spot with a win against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. That’s the easiest path to the playoffs for the Chiefs, who can clinch in four ways in Week 15.

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The Chiefs could have clinched with a tie and a Miami loss but the Dolphins beat the Jets on Saturday night so that’s out.

The Chiefs can clinch with a tie and a Broncos loss or tie. The Broncos host the Patriots.

The Chiefs can clinch with a Denver loss and a Baltimore loss or tie. The Ravens host the Eagles.

The Chiefs can clinch with a Denver loss and a Pittsburgh loss or tie. The Steelers visit the Bengals.

The Chiefs can NOT clinch an AFC West title yet. This is how they can simply clinch a playoff berth.

The Chiefs are currently the No. 2 seed in the AFC. They can win out and keep that seed. To get the No. 1 seed they would need help from the Patriots.

How Chiefs can clinch today:

  1. Chiefs win
  2. Chiefs tie + Denver loss or tie
  3. Denver loss + Baltimore loss or tie
  4. Denver loss + Pittsburgh loss or tie

Here are all the clinching scenarios around the NFL:

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