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NFL picks: Chiefs are on upset watch against the Titans

Predictions on the Titans-Chiefs game from the Arrowhead Pride staff ...

Titans 23 Chiefs 27

I haven’t felt this uneasy about a prediction since the Chiefs played in Carolina but screw it. The Chiefs red zone defense saves the day and forces field goals over touchdowns. Chiefs win. -Joel Thorman

Titans 16 Chiefs 13

You know I'd like to pick the Chiefs here. In fact, I never pick against them. But the truth is I predicted the Chiefs would go 12-4 this year, and I've also predicted they will sweep the AFC West. That can only mean the Chiefs have to lose this game. Awesome analysis, right? In terms of matchups, I think the Titans commitment to the run game will be what ultimately wins the games for them. They will run the ball a lot, and the Chiefs have not done well defending the run. Also running the ball frequently will minimize the higher risk passing plays the Chiefs defense (and entire team) feeds off of. -Super_G

Titans 17 Chiefs 16

The Chiefs have narrowly escaped with a win three weeks in a row now, and I don't see how it can happen four weeks in a row. The ball has to bounce the opposition's way at some point, instead of hitting a camera cable. The Titans have the running game to completely destroy the Chiefs' front seven without Derrick Johnson, and the blockers to stop their pass rush, including the best young RT in football, Jack Conklin, who is coming off a game in which he neutralized Von Miller. In a game which figures to have a single-digit wind chill, this is a huge advantage, especially since the Chiefs can't run the ball (minus Albert Wilson's 55-yard special teams fluke, the Chiefs are averaging 75 yards per game over the last six weeks, compared to 145 for Tennessee). The Titans' offense has averaged over 29 points a game over the last six weeks, while the Chiefs' has averaged 16. I'll account for home cookin' and homers, and knock the Titans down to 24. I'll give the Chiefs a special teams TD and bump them up to 23. The weather will take away a TD from both teams, which brings us to our final 17-16 score. Better hope the Raiders keep slidin.' -Clay Wendler

Titans 17 Chiefs 27

First and foremost, the ball didn't hit a camera cable.

Beyond that, at a certain point an offense that has successfully moved the ball as of late SHOULD be able to clean up individual errors at bad times and put more points on the board. Much like Atlanta and Oakland, the Titans do not sport a good defense. Their run game scares me, but the Chiefs have been surprising us for weeks (since the bye, really) by coming through against teams that are supposed to steamroll them. First the Raiders offense was going to light them up, then the Saints offense, then the Colts offense, then the Panthers were going to run all over them, then the Broncos defense was going to allow zero touchdowns, then the Falcons were gonna score a million points, then the Raiders AGAIN ... and on and on it's gone. Maybe it all ends against Tennessee, but at a certain point something becomes a pattern rather than an aberration. -MNChiefsfan

Titans 0 Chiefs 10

I think a few things are in play here that aren’t being talked about enough. First, Andy Reid had several extra days to get ready for this game and the stretch run. Second, if I’m choosing between Andy Reid and Mike Mularkey … Third, the Titans look impressive, but they are the most up and down squad in the NFL. There’s too many weak spots and too much inconsistency for me to believe that Reid won’t find the right match-ups to make this a win for the Chiefs. -Matt Conner

Titans 13 Chiefs 27

The narrative is deafening. "Titans can run, Chiefs can't stop the run." While both parts are true at least on some level, I'm not buying that it's enough to swing this game in Tennessee’s favor. I think the Titans and Chiefs revert to the mean in the most important stat in all of football: turnovers. Titans haven't turned it over recently, Chiefs were -3 vs Oakland. This week, Peters gets back on the board and the Chiefs win the turnover battle. The KC passing offense is starting to look more explosive, assuming that continues, this game won't be that close. The Chiefs are better than the Titans in most other regards: special teams, pass D, coaching, etc. The better team wins at home, with everything to play for. -stagdsp

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