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Titans don’t seem quite sure how to prepare for Tyreek Hill

Titans DC Dick LeBeau said that Tyreek Hill reminded him a little of Antonio Brown and Titans head coach Mike Mularkey has been talking all week about the challenge Tyreek will be for them on both offense and special teams.

Asked if Tyreek has earned the respect from opposing teams that they stop kicking to him, Mularkey said he earned that respect a long time ago.

“I mean, when you watch him, he's tough,” Mularkey said. “As soon as you ask me about the best way to practice it, maybe put a rabbit or something out here trying to catch it. I mean, he's a guy that's so elusive. It's not just straight-line speed. It's his quickness. It's everything about the guy. We've got to have a lot of bodies swarming to be around him and tackle him. Yeah, we're going to do some things to try to keep it out of his hands if we can.”

Few players pop on tape as much as Tyreek. Watching the game that is the thing that jumps out at you the most. He’s just so faster and, as Mularkey pointed out, quicker than everyone else. It’s his top-end speed but also how quickly he turns it up after a cut.

I know, I know. We’ve been talking about a lot about Tyreek lately but for good reason. He’s often compared to DeSean Jackson and Percy Harvin and he’s on pace to have rookie seasons like them if not better (more touchdowns).

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