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Alex Smith says Tyreek Hill makes it easy for Chiefs to stay aggressive

Our MNChiefsfan covered Alex Smith’s game against the Raiders and he talked about that touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill and how difficult it was.

You saw Alex and Tyreek reading the coverage so that they each knew what to do. You saw Alex Smith dropping back and stepping up in a crowded pocket.

You also saw from Alex’s point of view that he had to anticipate that Tyreek would blow past the coverage. It was a really good play that wasn’t open when he released the ball.

Alex had a good quote about that play:

“There’s two things with it: One, we were gambling a little bit with the protection and those guys holding up in front. Secondly, he makes it easy to stay aggressive. When throwing the ball, he tracks it so well you can really trust him down the field to go and get it. Hats off to him for those two things and making it look easy.”

Tyreek is so fast and so good with the ball in his hand that he probably doesn’t get enough credit as a receiver. He does track the ball really well and he has the hands to make the catch. If his speed makes Alex more aggressive, I welcome that.

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