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Chiefs won’t be playing in London next year

The Kansas City Chiefs will not be going to London this year. The NFL announced the four games and eight teams playing in London next year and nowhere are the Chiefs mentioned so they will luckily be staying home.

If Andy Reid doesn’t seem to like the disruption that Thursday Night Football brings I can’t imagine he’s a huge London fan. I get why the NFL wants to push their game internationally but that doesn’t change the fact that London games kinda suck.

The matchups are rarely any good (see below). They suck for the teams participating in it. They suck for the fans watching it at 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday. They suck for the coaches who lose a home game (at least one of the coaches).

What doesn’t suck is keeping all of your home games at home as the Chiefs will do next season.

The Chiefs will need to be on the lookout for London in 2018. If up to eight teams are playing each year, they’ll be back soon enough. Hopefully not as the home team ...

2017 London games

  • Saints-Dolphins
  • Ravens-Jaguars
  • Vikings-Browns
  • Cardinals-Rams

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