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Chiefs looking at options to replace Derrick Johnson, including free agents

The Kansas City Chiefs will never fully replace Derrick Johnson because he never came off the field and those types are hard to find. But they have to put someone there and they have several options, both in-house and out.

“John [Dorsey] is going through the process right now looking at linebackers,” Andy Reid said at his Monday press conference. “We feel comfortable that we have some guys here that can fill in and have filled in between D.J. Alexander, [Frank] Zombo. I think we’re still okay in that area if we didn’t do anything. We also have Justin March-Lillard who’s eligible to come back up, so he’s someone we’re looking at also. Dorsey brought some guys in to also look at. So, we’ll know more, I’m sure, throughout the day here.”

The Chiefs were back to work today so if they're going to bring in someone from the outside they better do it soon. If we don't hear of any new players by Wednesday it's a good bet they're rolling with someone already on the team.

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