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Colin Cowherd compares Chiefs to waste management and he’s kinda right

Colin Cowherd has a comparison for the Kansas City Chiefs that is actually a good one. The Chiefs are the waste management company of the NFL.

“If you met a guy at the waste management party, he could be the most successful guy but it’s not something you’er really interested in or would ever want to talk about. Why I bring this up is the Kansas City Chiefs are the waste management business in the NFL. It dominates its industry.

“Nobody wants to talk about it. You’d never talk about it at a cocktail party. Outside of Kansas City, you’d never go up to anybody and say, “Hey ,what about the Chiefs?” You’d go what about the Patriots, man I hate Aaron Rodgers, man I love Cam, Andrew Luck’s overrated, how ‘bout them raiders. Nobody goes, ‘What about the Chiefs?’

“The Kansas CityChiefs are boring and unbelievably effective. They’re not interesting and nobody talks about them. They are now the best team in a very sexy AFC West. John Elway, Von Miller, Broncos! Nope. Derek Carr, resurgent Raiders! Nope.

“Kansas City is a Super Bowl level team. I know you’re going to say, what about Alex Smith? He has won 60 of his last 84 starts, that’s 71 percent. That’s a higher winning percentage than Bill Parcells had as a head coach. Andy Reid’s last 10 years. Nine winning seasons. You don’t want to talk about that either.

“When you add Tyreek Hill, when you add Travis Kelce, when you add Andy Reid and when you add this defense, most of which you don’t know these guys, that’s a Super Bowl level team. That doesn’t mean they’re going to get there, doesn’t mean they’re going to win it. This is the business nobody wants to talk about.”

Bonus quote: “Outside of Bill Belichick, Andy Reid is the best coach in the AFC.”

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