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Playoff odds say KC Chiefs have great shot at first round bye

Five Thirty Eight has not been wrong in recent memory so let’s take a look at what some of their NFL odds are saying.

Sitting at 10-3 the Kansas City Chiefs are in great shape. According to Five Thirty Eight, the Chiefs have very, very good odds to win the AFC West and earn a first round bye. They give the Chiefs an 81 percent of getting a first round bye.

Make playoffs: 99 percent

Win AFC West: 83 percent

First round bye: 81 percent

Win Super Bowl: 18 percent

The Chiefs have the second highest Super Bowl odds, one percent higher than the Cowboys, who lost to the Giants on Sunday night.

It sure doesn’t feel like a sure thing. The Chiefs could easily lose to the Titans this weekend, the Raiders beat the Chargers and the Chiefs are now the fifth seed and the Raiders are second.

The Chiefs and Raiders each play the Broncos one more time and that’s probably the toughest game on each of their schedules. Oakland plays in Denver while the Broncos will come to KC.

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