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NFL playoff picture update: AFC taking shape as Chiefs move up, Ravens-Patriots looming

The Kansas City Chiefs are in good position to remain in the second seed of the NFL playoff picture and get a first round bye. The Chiefs are tied with the Raiders but will have the head to head and divisional tiebreaker against them if they end up in a tie. That essentially gives the Chiefs a half-game lead over Oakland. Here are the NFL playoff tiebreaker rules.

The Steelers are now in the third spot as the leaders of the AFC North with the top-ranked Baltimore Ravens defense currently out of the playoffs.

The Texans and Titans (who the Chiefs play this weekend) are both 7-6 in the AFC South but the Texans (like the Chiefs) have swept their division so far.

The Raiders dropped to the fifth seed after losing to the Chiefs. It looks like the Chiefs and Raiders are likely to have the second and fifth playoff seeds — one as the AFC West winner and the other as the top Wild Card team.

There is a significant game tonight: Ravens at Patriots on Monday Night Football.. If the Patriots win, nothing changes. If the Ravens win, they become the third seed and the Steelers become the sixth seed. The Broncos are then knocked out.

You can check out other NFL playoff scenarios are ESPN’s playoff machine.

Find the AFC and NFC playoff picture here.

AFC playoff picture

1)Patriots (10-2)

2) Chiefs (10-3)

3) Steelers (8-5)

4) Texans (7-6)

5) Raiders (10-3)

6) Broncos (8-5)

In the hunt

7) Dolphins (8-5)

8) Ravens (7-5)

9) Titans (7-6)

If the Chiefs were the second seed, they would play the highest seed remaining. So it’s possible that they could play the Raiders again as Jack Del Rio said.

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