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Jack Del Rio congratulated Andy Reid, told him they’ll see each other in the playoffs

Alan Shope of KMBC has some great video of the postgame exchange between Andy Reid and Jack Del Rio. Because of a picture that made it look like Del Rio was staring Reid down, people were wondering if there was a rivalry between those two. Both of them have since said they are friends and there is nothing there which appears to be proven correct by this video of the postgame handshake.

You can hear Del Rio say, “Congratulations.”

Then you can hear Reid say, “You’re doing a great job.”

They start to separate before Del Rio says “Hey, I’ll see you in a few weeks (in the playoffs).”

It was that moment when he said hey and Reid turned around that made it look like there was something going on there. But it was just a friendly postgame handshake.

I gotta say, I kinda liked the idea of a Marty-style Raiders hatred going on there.

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