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We will find out if the Falcons can hang with any defense in the league

The enemy blog this week is SB Nation’s Falcons blog, The Falcoholic. Their beat writer Jeanna Thomas did a Facebook live answering some questions from fans about this game. It was pretty informative hearing about some of the Falcons offensive weapons (the part about their defense not being very good was better though).

I wrote up a few notes below and check out the video below that. The second note here is of, um, note because the Chiefs will have some instances where they’re in man coverage against Julio Jones. I’m interested to see how they’re going to handle him, if they do anything differently.

  • “This is not what I would call a good (Falcons) defense.”
  • “They have to dedicate resources to stop Julio and if you don’t ask the Panthers what happens. You can’t put Julio Jones in man coverage and think that’s going to be OK. Then you have to worry about who is going to cover Taylor Gabriel and Tevin Coleman and DeVonta Freeman out of the backfield ... I feel like they can hang with any defense in the league.”
  • “The one thing the Falcons offense will have to watch is turnovers. They’ve done a really good job of doing that.”
  • “It’s not the most dynamic offense. I think the defense can hold up OK against them. Score predictions, I’m on record for this game as saying Falcons 31 Chiefs 19 (with a Justin Houston safety).”

Falcons q&a

Posted by The Falcoholic on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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