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Some of these NFL power rankings are wrong because the Chiefs are actually better than the Raiders

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The Kansas City Chiefs are ranked sixth in SB Nation's 2016 NFL power rankings for Week 10. They're hovering around the top five in most of the power rankings that I see, including a couple that have them ranked No. 3. That is impressive!

Some of these power rankings have the Raiders ranked above the Chiefs, which is inaccurate. The Chiefs are in fact better than the Raiders as evidenced by that time the Chiefs blew them out in front of their own fans.

This week's power rankings...


.889: The Chiefs are 6-2 this season and 16-2 in their past 18 games, good for an .889 win percentage, best in the NFL since Week 7 of the past season. .557: The Chiefs still have a tough road ahead, as they have the fifth-most difficult remaining strength of schedule (.557 opponent win percentage). 3

Great googly moogly, the AFC West is strong, but who are the Chefs? The only team that has a perfect record (2-0) within the division, that's who. K.C. already has taken down both the Chargers and Raiders this season. While the five-point win over the Jaguars didn't impress everybody, it sure as heck should have. Kansas City won without Alex Smith (out for the entire game), Jamaal Charles (out for the entire game), Spencer Ware (out for the entire game), Jeremy Maclin (injured in the first half) and Travis Kelce ( ejected early in the fourth quarter). Here's hoping Kelce saves the whining over calls for his dating show going forward.

CBS Sports: 3

It wasn't pretty against Jacksonville, but they found a way. They need Alex Smith back quickly.

Yahoo: 3

I know the Raiders are the talk of the NFL after Sunday night, but let’s not forget this about the Chiefs: They have won 17 of 20 games including playoffs. It’s 16 of 18 in the regular season. And they dominated the Raiders in Oakland on Oct. 16. This is the most under-appreciated team in the NFL right now (though, admittedly, it feels strange putting them at No. 3 … but it’s not like another team has a better argument).

Washington Post: 4

The Chiefs have won 17 of their last 20 games going back to last season, counting the playoffs. The favorable fourth-quarter instant replay review Sunday against the Jaguars didn’t hurt.

USA Today: 5

They've won 19 of their last 22 despite missing so many key players along way. But it takes Travis Kelce's antics to get them any attention.

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