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Dee Ford has ‘taken a lot of heat’ so Andy Reid is glad to see him succeed

The NFL is like a movie so when the underdog comes through you feel pretty good about it. That’s Dee Ford and his nine sacks this season.

We have all ripped Ford at one point in his career. He wasn’t productive enough so many of those shots were warranted. But they say it takes three years to judge a draft pick and Ford is changing opinions of him in year three.

“Yeah, he had another couple sacks and he’s playing hard,” Andy Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs. “He’s giving you good hard snaps. It’s a tribute to him. He’s taken a lot of heat, so it’s good for him to get a little bit of taste of this.”

I’m happy for Ford. For someone to have faith in their own abilities, have everyone say you can’t do it and then go out and do it? That’s pretty cool.

“He’s just got to keep going,” Reid said, “that’s the thing. We’re just sitting at that half way spot.”

Halfway through with nine sacks. How high can he go?

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