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Jaguars-Chiefs final score: A win is a win but Alex Smith is coming back next week

The Kansas City Chiefs win the game 19-14 over the Jaguars but it doesn’t feel like it. The Chiefs improve to 6-2 but they did not play a good game and they should feel fortunate they beat the Jaguars. Yes, fortunate.

The Jaguars were running the ball well but had to abandon that when they got down by multiple scores. They moved the ball well on a few drives but then turned it over. They nearly came back and won late in the game but the Chiefs stopped them on fourth down. It was too close for comfort.

Also keep in mind who the Chiefs didn’t have. They were without their starting quarterback and their top two running backs. Their top receiver (Jeremy Maclin) was hurt and their second best pass catcher (Travis Kelce) was ejected. And they won. Yikes.

Final stats are here.

OK, Alex, we’re ready for you

Nick Foles looked like ... a backup. 20/33 for 187 yards, one touchdown. Alex Smith-like numbers. He did throw the ball downfield more often. That was nice. It was not as successful as we hoped. He did enough to win but after this game we’re closer to a non-controversy than an actual controversy.

It was reported on Sunday morning that the Chiefs expect Alex Smith to play next week in Carolina. Good.

It’s not a knock on Foles. He did his job. He won.

The Chiefs miss Spencer Ware

Maybe the Jaguars run defense was just better than I thought but Charcandrick West couldn’t get much going at all. 13 carries for 39 yards. He didn’t look as explosive as Ware. It was obvious in the results. The Chiefs are going to be happy to get Ware back. When will that be? (I’m asking you because I don’t know either).

I do credit West for pulling through late in the game to help kill the clock.

Dee Ford has more sacks than Von Miller

Yeah, you read that right. Ford had two more sacks in this game which gives him nine on the season. Von Miller has 8.5. The Broncos play the Raiders on Sunday night.

Jags gonna Jag

The Jaguars are not good. They beat themselves throughout the day. Blake Bortles threw a pick right to Ramik Wilson. They fumbled on a return. They dropped interceptions. They fumbled on the goal line. They missed open players deep. They didn’t take advantage of opportunities. This was a front row seat to why a bad team is bad. The Chiefs were begging the Jaguars to win this game and they wouldn’t do it.

The Chiefs were also fortunate. This looks like a touchdown for the Jags ... that was ruled a fumble.

They avoided Marcus Peters ... mostly

Peters is a very good player but can be beat. Bortles didn’t look in Peters’ direction throughout much of the day. Midway through the fourth quarter Jaguars WR Marqise Lee beat him deep for a 51-yard gain. It was potentially a game changing play ... until the Jaguars fumbled it away on the goal line.

Travis Kelce ejected

One, the refs missed a bad pass interference call on Kelce. He had a right to be upset.

Two, you can’t get so upset you throw your towel at the ref and get ejected. Gotta be smarter than that.

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