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Chiefs think Jamaal Charles coming back for playoffs is possible

Here we go now. Andy Reid said earlier this week that he didn’t know if Jamaal Charles could return sometime this season but it’s now being reported that the Kansas City Chiefs are optimistic that he can return. Yes, optimistic. This comes via a report from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Jamaal needed just a trim of his meniscus and not a repair like Adrian Peterson. This means, according to Rapoport, Jamaal’s return is a matter of weeks and not months. The Chiefs could bring him back as early as Week 17 or for the playoffs.

This is obviously a HUGE if. We all thought Jamaal would already be back and in the middle of another Pro Bowl caliber season. That clearly hasn’t happened so I’m not sure if optimism is the right word here. If you’re a Chiefs fan and you’ve watched what we’ve gone through with Jamaal since training camp, optimistic isn’t the word you would use.

If it did happen though? If Jamaal did come back for a playoff run? And he was the same old Jamaal? That sounds like the plot for a movie. I would call that movie He could go Jamaal the way!

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