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It appears Chiefs will avoid investigation of Alex Smith’s concussion (or whatever it was)

The NFLPA initiated a review of the concussion protocol used on Cam Newton and Tyrod Taylor earlier this season. It appears the union will not be doing so with Alex Smith. CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports that the NFLPA is privately applauding the Chiefs decision to sit Alex this week and indications are they will not be pushing for a formal review of how this case was handled.

Privately, the decision was heralded inside the NFLPA as a forward-thinking and proactive approach to potential brain injuries. The initial review of what took place last Sunday, in-game and since, has led the union to see no reason to ask the league for an official review into how the concussion protocol was applied last week, sources said.

I’ve been wondering if the Chiefs decision to sit Alex was strategic, either to avoid a review from the league or union or to get another look at Nick Foles or something. It’s possible that the Chiefs are putting Alex’s health first above all else and there aren’t any games being played here. That may be naive but that’s certainly a possibility. Even if there is some ulterior motive, the Chiefs have turned what looked like an ugly situation on the field into a positive discussion on the impact of concussions. Good for them.

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