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NFL picks: Even with Alex Smith and Spencer Ware out, Chiefs should beat Jaguars

Looking at the Jaguars-Chiefs predictions from the Arrowhead Pride staff ...

Jaguars 10 Chiefs 24

Not much analysis is needed here. The Chiefs beat the teams they should. They should beat the Jaguars. The Chiefs win handily. -Joel Thorman

Jaguars 10 Chiefs 27

The Chiefs have too many weapons and the Jaguars have an offense that is struggling. I have to admit this game spooks me a bit, as it seems like whenever fan confidence gets too high the Chiefs have a way of bringing them back down to Earth. But I think my son and I (his first game) will be watching the Chiefs roll on Sunday, and I think Nick Foles is going to play well enough to bring the fans from a mild buzzing to a full-fledged frenzy when it comes to everyone's favorite kind of football debate: quarterback controversy! -MNChiefsfan

Jaguars 17 Chiefs 38

The quarterback controversy goes full bore as Nick Foles throws for over 275 yards with multiple touchdowns. Arrowhed Pride will self destruct after Andy Reid says Alex Smith will be the starter against the Panthers and for the rest of the season. During the game the Jaguars will miss numerous tackles, especially when trying to wrap up Travis Kelce. The Chiefs defense plays their typical great game, but the offense looks more exciting than ever. Blake Bortles plays well, but strangely enough his stat line doesn't equate to success for the Jaguars. -Super_G

Jaguars 10 Chiefs 24

The injuries are piling up for KC so the depth is on full display. Game planning and focus on fundamentals are especially important when relying on backups. I think the Chiefs continue their recent trend of solid, mistake-free football, and take care of the JAGs. I fully expect Foles to play a stellar game, just to keep the non-controversy alive another week. The talk should be about the emergence of Tyreek Hill, Dee Ford and others ... there's a bright future ahead of this team. -Stagdsp

Jaguars 9 Chiefs 13

There’s reason to worry about the Jags in the same way there’s reason to worry about anyone who has nothing to lose. Such people are the most dangerous in any venue / category, and the Jags are going to clean house this offseason no matter how they play against the Chiefs. But players are competing for contracts. Nate Hackett is looking to impress in his debut as the team’s OC. Gus Bradley can experiment, AND they’ve had a week and a half to think about this. Meanwhile in KC, it’s roster churning, injury news and a winning streak that could make it easy to overlook the perennially bad Jaguars. One plus here is that the Chiefs are led by a steady Freddy who won’t let them overlook any opponent. I think it will be closer than anyone wishes but holding tight through more injuries is still a win, and I think it’s the sort of victory that KC will pull out. -Matt Conner

Jaguars 13 Chiefs 35

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?

It is the east, and Nick Foles is the sun.

Arise, fair QB, and kill the envious Jags,

Who are already sick and pale with grief. -Clay Wendler

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