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Are the Chiefs better than the Patriots, Broncos or Steelers? We asked the bloggers

We’ve talked often about where the Kansas City Chiefs rank in the AFC. Are they the most complete team ready to challenge the Patriots like anonymous NFL execs said this week? Or are they not even a top 10 team and not even the best team in their division?

I wanted another perspective on this so I reached out to our Patriots, Broncos and Steelers blogs here at SB Nation and asked them one question: Are you better than the Chiefs? Here’s what they said...

Pats Pulpit

Rich Hill: I think the Patriots have to be the class of the AFC, if not the NFL, because no other team is as well balanced. I think the Chiefs are limited in the playoffs because Alex Smith can't throw more than five yards down the field (maybe Nick Foles changes the calculus), despite having talent everywhere else on the roster. When you get to the playoffs, it's all about the better quarterback that day - unless you have a historically great defense - and I'd put my money on Tom Brady having a better day than Alex Smith 95 percent of the time.

Mile High Report

Tim Lynch: The simple answer is yes. The Denver Broncos are the reigning AFC West champions and reigning Super Bowl champions, so I'd be hard pressed to just hand over the division before either team plays a game against each other. Still, I have not bought into the Oakland Raiders hype and consider the Chiefs to be the Broncos main threat to the division. The Raiders have an offense, but the defense is a bit of a joke. The Chiefs defense isn't a joke at all and when the weather starts turning and football gets real, the defensive teams tend to keep on winning. The NFL completely screwed the Broncos by scheduling all three road division games in primetime, which means that Christmas Eve game in Arrowhead could be for all of the marbles. If that's the case, the five-year reign for the Broncos in the West could be coming to an end.

Behind The Steel Curtain

Jeff Hartman: At first glance this is an easy question. Yes, the Steelers are better than the Chiefs considering the beatdown they provided them earlier this season at Heinz Field. However, when you look closer you see this isn't as easy an answer as most might believe. The Steelers are a banged up bunch, and the Chiefs were missing some big pieces in their game on Sunday Night Football. Nonetheless, coming off their bye week, the Steelers look poised to make a run in the second half of the season due to getting some of their walking wounded back in the fold, and their schedule easing up down the stretch. Would the game be a blowout if Kansas City and Pittsburgh squared off again? I doubt it, but I do think the Steelers are better than the Chiefs.

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