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This note from Chris Conley’s on practice reps shows how how impressive Chiefs backups are

The Kansas City Chiefs have had a number of injuries this year which is true of any team. The Chiefs however seemed to have thrived when injuries hit them as they have a deep roster with their second and third teamers stepping in and not missing a beat.

You know that a two or a three coming in and playing well is impressive because it doesn’t happen all that often. Read this from Chris Conley on how many reps those guys see in practice and you’ll be even more impressed with what the Chiefs have done.

“The (coaching staff) emphasizes mental reps every time you’re on the practice field because really you only get reps for the ones,” Conley said on the Chiefs Players Show Thursday night with Steven St. John and Tim Grunhard. “The ones get reps on offense, the ones get reps on defense and special teams. Behind that, the twos and threes, they don’t really do much in practice. The roster is small. Those guys have to know what to do. They have to have seen it. Sometimes when they go out there on the field and execute it, that’s the first time they’ve run that play.”

I mean, I guess I knew that because there are only so many reps to go around but it’s kinda crazy to think that in the NFL some backups will be in that position of having to run a play they haven’t practiced. It’s also a credit to those backups that have come in thrived when the Chiefs needed it this year as well as the ability of the Chiefs coaching staff to communicate what they need to know.

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