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Anonymous execs see Chiefs as most complete team, challenger to Patriots

The MMQB’s Albert Breer has a story today that Kansas City Chiefs fans will like. Breer points out that almost all of the contenders this year have a potentially fatal flaw: the Vikings offensive line, the Cowboys pass rush, the Broncos quarterback and so on.

It’s a good observation with New England obviously standing out as a very good team. Who else stands out? The Chiefs. Breer quotes an AFC executive and an NFC scouting director as they make the case that the Chiefs are the most complete team in the NFL.

“It’s not a team that you look forward to playing,” an AFC exec told Breer. “You have to play well. They’re well-coached, evenly balanced. They’re not great at anything but they’re good at a lot of things. They have enough weapons on offense to create mismatches … and getting (Justin) Houston back will help the D.”

They’re not great at anything but they’re good at a lot of things ... There’s some truth to this. I would argue they are very good at taking the ball away, which is a big deal. There’s some randomness to turnovers I suppose.

“You know, I think the only team they wouldn’t beat in a three-game series might be New England,” an NFC scouting director told Breer. “To me, it’s when you catch them, because they’re up and down. But from 1-53, they’re probably the most complete team.”

Whew, boy. I agree with a lot of this, the good and the bad. The Chiefs ARE up and down. The Chiefs that faced the Texans and Steelers are not the same Chiefs that took down three top 10 offenses in the past three weeks. When the Chiefs offense is clicking and the defense is doing what they usually do, this is a very difficult team to beat.

Check out the whole story here.

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