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Chiefs’ Dee Ford is showing more pass rush moves

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it there’s some interesting things going on with the Chiefs current quarterback situation. That has been overshadowing what Dee Ford did last week against the Colts.

Ford has put a nice season together all the while staying somewhat under the radar. For proof look no further than the current NFL sack leaders.

1. Lorenzo Alexander: 9

2. Von Miller: 8.5

3. Vic Beasley: 7.5

3. Cliff Avril: 7.5

5. Dee Ford: 7

Even with Justin Houston Chiefs fans would not have predicted Ford being anywhere near the league leaders in sacks by Week 8. Also note that the top three pass rushers have all played one more game than Ford has.

Even though quarterbacks and running backs are all the rage in Kansas City right now, Ford deserves his due.

Speed kills

That is an athlete. Watch that again. Ford’s lateral quickness to get around the guard is flat-out wicked and by the time Ford hits the hole Andrew Luck was done for. When Ford was drafted everyone knew speed was one of his strengths, and this play is an example of that speed.

Getting stronger

One criticism facing Ford coming out of college was that he would have a difficult time overpowering tackles.

(Correction on the tweet: this was actually a complete pass on a great diving catch. Either way Ford affected Luck’s throw.)

Ford is able to push the right tackle backwards while using good hand fighting techniques to get after Andrew Luck. It’s great to see the bull rush and hand fighting. Those were not strengths of his and yet here we are looking at this play.

That bend is a game changer

Ford doesn’t necessarily demonstrate elite bend on this play, but it is just enough to get around the left tackle for the sack. This is a complete game changer if he is adding this to his skill set. With his speed that bend can be extremely effective.

The Chiefs were right

When Ford was drafted Chiefs GM John Dorsey claimed that Ford would take some time to develop as an NFL pass rusher. There were plenty of expectations on him but Ford was slow to deliver. To his credit, Ford claimed numerous times that he needed more reps to get in a groove. Now that Ford is getting more reps he is making good on his word. Dorsey wasn’t wrong.

Ford is on pace for 16 sacks in 2016 — a number that any Chiefs fan should be thrilled with.

Justin Houston should return to the Chiefs lineup soon to help Dee Ford terrorize opposing quarterbacks. Ford could actually have more production once Houston returns — that is if Houston doesn’t eat up all of Ford’s sacks (because you know Justin Houston has to eat his dinner too.)

We assume the Chiefs will work Houston in slowly and very gradually give Hali more and more rest. A well-rested Hali will only help the Chiefs down the stretch.

The Chiefs pass rush is in a good place going forward if Ford can keep it up ... that’s not something we expected to say with Houston out.

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