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NFL power rankings: ESPN still ranks Broncos ahead of the Chiefs

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I usually laugh at some of the complaining about NFL power rankings because they're just power rankings. They don't really mean anything. With that said ...

Yes, it bugs me that ESPN still ranks the Broncos ahead of the Chiefs. I mean, really? The Chiefs have the better record and beat the Broncos in front of their own fans less than 48 hours ago. The Raiders being ahead of the Chiefs, I guess I can understand. They have a better record despite the Chiefs beating them in front of their own fans as well. The Broncos though?  You're crazy ESPN.

SB Nation: 9


Whenever you're the "first since Gale Sayers," you're probably doing something right. Tyreek Hill became the first since Sayers with rushing, receiving and kick return touchdowns in the same game, which was a very good thing for the Chiefs, as they improved to 8-3. The Chiefs head to Atlanta this week.

USA Today: 6

And you thought K.C. lacked an explosive threat. Rookie Tyreek Hill scored on a run, catch and kickoff Sunday. Head to your fantasy waiver wire.

Yahoo: 4

At some point this season, the defense will have Dee Ford, Justin Houston, Jaye Howard, Eric Berry, Marcus Peters and Dontari Poe (and Tamba Hali, and Derrick Johnson … you get the point) healthy and all on the field together. Don’t underestimate this team. They have won 19 of their last 23 games, counting playoffs. Chiefs celebrate after Week 12 victory The Kansas City Chiefs celebrate in their locker room after a Week 12 victory over the Denver Broncos. 6

How fun was it to watch Justin Houston blow up blocking schemes on Sunday night? J.J. Watt is considered the best defensive player in football, Von Miller has 58 commercials and Marcus Peters gets all the praise on the Chiefs' defense -- but Houston is a bad@#$. Sure, he had three sacks. How about some of the stops he made in the run game? The dude made 10 tackles and forced a fumble. Somehow the football world conveniently forgot his 22 (legitimate) sacks in 2014. On another note, I once hit a Cairo Santos banker off a windmill at Malibu Putt Putt Golf and Games. Anyone been to Howl-in-One? (@HarrisonNFL) Crazy Sunday night kicking lives.

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