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AFC playoff picture: Chiefs, Broncos, Raiders top remaining strength of schedule among contenders

The Kansas City Chiefs are sitting in a good spot at 8-3 but there are no more easy games on the schedule. The Chiefs have the hardest remaining schedule among the AFC playoff contenders. Our friends enemies at Silver and Black Pride tallied up all the remaining opponent winning percentages for the AFC playoff contenders.

1. Chiefs (8-3): @ATL, OAK, TEN, DEN, @SD (.607 opponent win percentage)

1a. Broncos (7-4): @JAX, @TEN, NE, @KC, OAK (.607 opponent win percentage)

3. Raiders* (9-2): BUF, @KC, @SD, IND, @DEN (.564 opponent win percentage)

4. Ravens* (6-5): MIA, @NE, PHI, @PIT, @CIN (.555 opponent win percentage)

5. Titans (6-6): BYE, DEN, @KC, @JAX, HOU (.522 opponent win percentage)

6. Dolphins (7-4): @BAL, ARI, @NYJ, @BUF, NE (.509 opponent win percentage)

7. Patriots* (9-2): LA, BAL, @DEN, NYJ, @MIA (.491 opponent win percentage)

8. Bills (6-5): @OAK, PIT, CLE, MIA, @NYJ (.446 opponent win percentage)

9. Steelers (6-5): NYG, @BUF, @CIN, BAL, CLE (.425 opponent win percentage)

10. Texans* (6-5): @GB, @IND, JAX, CIN, @TEN (.363 opponent win percentage)

*Division leader

The Chiefs, Broncos and Raiders have the three hardest remaining schedules because they all play each other. What the Chiefs do have going for them is that their two most important games - Raiders and Broncos - will be played at Arrowhead. The Chiefs already have a 3-0 record in the division so if they can just force a tiebreaker they could be in a good spot.

The Chiefs don’t really have any games where I can say they’re definitely going to win or lose. They’re all pretty close. Tennessee looks like the “easiest” game left but they still have some good things going for them.

The Broncos play the Patriots, but it’s at home. Maybe they can steal one.

The Raiders play the Bills and Colts at home, which look like winnable games. However, they play all three AFC West teams on the road.

This division and this playoff picture has a long way to go.

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