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Tyreek Hill is a better Percy Harvin, says Michael Lombardi

Intersting Tyreek Hill comparison from former Patriots front office guy Michael Lombardi: Percy Harvin.

“We didn’t talk about this last night but Maclin didn’t play last night,” Lombardi said in the clip. “He’s hurt. You get Maclin and Tyreek Hill out there, Tyreek Hill is a better Percy Harvin. He’s a better Percy Harvin. I’ve been saying that with my notes going back to Week 2. This kid has some unique skills as a football player.”

My first reaction: slow down there. He’s only been doing this for 12 weeks. Percy Harvin did it for a few years longer than that. That said, I see where he gets that comparison.

I went and looked at Harvin’s stats:

Tyreek has 428 yards receiving already this season so those numbers could come close to matching up. He isn’t the rusher that Percy Harvin was with only 68 yards on 11 attempts this season. That could be because Harvin is bigger than Tyreek. He has about 15 pounds on him according to their listed weights.

Percy Harvin could have been much better but he kept on getting hurt. At 5’10 and 185 pounds, Tyreek Hill is going to have to protect himself too. He’s getting a ton of work in Andy Reid’s offense with Jeremy Maclin out and so far he seems up for the challenge.

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