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Take note of what Andy Reid said about Alex Smith after the Chiefs win

Alex Smith has taken a lot of heat in the past few weeks. Probably more than he has in his three-plus years as a Chief. The Chiefs are clearly a good team who could make a run ... if that quarterback can take them there.

It’s with that context that I show you what Andy Reid said when asked about Alex Smith after the Chiefs win over the Broncos on Sunday night.

“I have all the respect in the world for the guy,” Reid said after the game. “I think the way he handles himself is just top of the line. We’re so lucky to have him. Very under-appreciated, I think, outside of our walls. Since he’s been back from the whatever it was, the hit to the head, things haven’t gone as smooth as they were going prior. He just kept battling and battling and battling which he does. Everyone’s down on him and then boom he comes through. It just shows you his mental toughness, quality person and everything else that comes with it.”

This is noteworthy for a few reasons. First, Reid is sticking with his guy. I’m not sure that I ever had any doubt because Reid always publicly backs his guy but he doubled down here. Second, he at least admits something has been off since the non-concussion against the Colts game a month ago. He did not look good against the Broncos - save the final few minutes and overtime - but some of that is to be expected against one of the league’s best defenses (maybe not 17 yards at half bad though).

Anyway, if we’re taking anything out of this it’s an affirmation that Alex is Andy’s guy.

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