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If you were the Broncos, which decision would you make?

The Chiefs-Broncos game brought on one of the most fascinating scenarios I’ve seen in a football game in quite some time with the Broncos decision to kick the 62-yard field goal.

Let’s set this up...

The Chiefs and Broncos are tied with a little over a minute left in overtime. The Broncos are facing a fourth and 10 at the KC 44-yard line. The Broncos options are:

A) Punt the ball away, likely ending the game in a tie. You’re more likely to stop the Chiefs if they have a long field rather than a short one. The ultimate playing not to lose call.

B) Attempt the 62-yard field goal. The downside to doing this is that if you don’t get the field goal, you’re giving the Chiefs the ball at midfield, which means they would only need a first down or maybe two before getting in field goal range. That’s what happened as the Chiefs got it back and drove down and scored for the win.

C) Go for it. I doubt this was ever a serious option but if it were ever to come up it would be in a game like this. Trevor Siemian had 368 yards on the day. The Broncos trust their defense to stop the Chiefs if they don’t get it. There’s a small, tiny defensible argument for this one there.

The Broncos chose B and we all know how it turned out.

What would you have done? I probably would have punted it because I am a huge wimp.

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