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The Chiefs have won 3 games this year with a win probability under 2 percent

We’ve gone through a lot of “This is how crazy the Chiefs win was” type of stats after that comeback win in Denver on Sunday night. Someone on Twitter pointed out another unbelievable stat that we have to pass along.

At one point in three games this season - three games the Chiefs won - the Chiefs had a win probability under two percent. And still won the game.

The first was in San Diego in Week when the Chiefs came back from three touchdowns down. 0.7 percent for the Chiefs.

The second was a few weeks ago in Carolina when the Chiefs got down 17 points on the road against the defending Super Bowl champs. 1.9 percent for the Chiefs.

This week it was down on the road against the defending AFC and NFL champs. 1.9 percent for the Chiefs.

This stat also shows the improbability:

Who knew these Chiefs would be the comeback Chiefs?

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