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Seven times when I was sure the Chiefs would lose to the Broncos

The Chiefs came away with a thrilling 30-27 overtime over the Broncos on Sunday night. I was sure the Chiefs were going to lose this game

Broncos convert third and 11 with four minutes left

Way before the touchdown, overtime or any of that came this play. The Broncos with a 17-16 lead but backed up to their own three yard line. The Chiefs had a shot to stop Denver and get it back with good field position. Facing a third and 11, Trevor freakin’ Siemian somehow hit AJ Derby across the middle for a first down. It was an absolute back breaking first down conversion. The Chiefs didn’t quit though.

The Broncos 76-yard TD with three minutes left

The game was seemingly over when Phillip Gaines got lost in the lights and the Broncos hit a 76-yard touchdown pass. This made it 24-16 with a Chiefs offense that couldn’t do anything. Hindsight is 20/20 but if Broncos WR Bennie Fowler falls to the ground before the end zone and doesn’t score, the Broncos probably win this game.

The Chiefs facing fourth and 10 on the 14

Down 24-16, the Chiefs had a fourth and 10 from the Broncos 13-yard line with 15 seconds left. This was essentially the game. Alex Smith dropped back and had a free rusher coming at him. He got the ball off in time to hit Tyreek Hill near the first down marker and near the sideline to get out and stop the clock. First down. The Chiefs are still alive.

The Chiefs touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill

I’m still not sure about this replay. Alex Smith hit Tyreek Hill for a short touchdown pass, although the refs initially ruled him down before he got in. That would mean the clock runs and the game is over. Except the refs reviewed it and gave Tyreek the touchdown with seconds left and giving the Chiefs a shot at a two-point conversion to tie it. The key was that he didn’t completely have possession of the ball until the he passed the goal line. I didn’t expect the refs to overrule this.

The Chiefs two-point conversion to Demetrius Harris

The Chiefs second tight end, Demetrius Harris, who has been dealing with a bad case of the drops, was the intended target on the Chiefs two-point conversion to tie the game. Harris is not the one I would have picked because he doesn’t exactly have reliable hands. Except ... he caught it. The Chiefs tied it up.

The Chiefs down three in overtime

The Broncos went down and kicked a field goal on their first possession of overtime. The momentum was on Denver’s side as was the crowd. Von Miller was licking his chops at the drive coming up. The Chiefs got the ball and actually drove down the field and tied it up, largely thanks to a 21-yard catch and run by Travis Kelce. Anyone who watched this entire game knows how improbable it was that the Chiefs offense could’ve done anything. Denver shut the Chiefs offense down all night until late in the fourth quarter.

Broncos first and 10 at the 44-yard line in overtime

The Broncos were a first down away from being in position to win the game. The Broncos converted a third and three to move them to the Chiefs 44-yard line with two minutes left. Two minutes! Just a few more yards and the Broncos would be in field goal range. Except the Chiefs held. The Broncos ran it once for no gain and then threw two incomplete passes. They attempted the field goal and MISS!

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