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NFL playoff picture: Chiefs win pushes Broncos out, KC would play Texans

The Kansas City Chiefs would be playing the Houston Texans if the playoffs started today. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it? The Chiefs remain the No. 5 seed in the AFC after beating the Denver Broncos. The Raiders also won so they remain in first place in the division and the No. 2 seed in the AFC.

The Chiefs win pushed the Broncos out of the current playoff picture. As of today, the Broncos would not be in the playoffs as the Dolphins have snuck in here. The Broncos and maybe the Steelers are the only ones in the hunt that I see that could be a factor.

Tiebreakers will be significant and the Chiefs are in good spot there. They own head to head wins over the Raiders AND Broncos, both on the road. They’ll play them both again at Arrowhead. The Chiefs are 3-0 in the AFC West. That division tiebreaker could be big down the stretch.

Find the NFC playoff picture here.

AFC playoff picture

1. Patriots (9-2)

2. Raiders (9-2)

3. Ravens (6-5)

4. Texans (6-5)

5. Chiefs (8-3)

6. Dolphins (7-4)

In the hunt

7. Broncos (7-4)

8. Steelers (6-5)

9. Bills (6-5)

10. Titans (6-6)

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